The Missing Entrepreneurs

The Missing Entrepreneurs

The Diversity of Female Entrepreneurship in Europe, 1900-2020

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Welcome to the homepage of “The Missing Entrepreneurs? The Diversity of Female Entrepreneurship in Europe, 1900-2020”

Summary of the Project

Female entrepreneurship is not a recent phenomenon, but we still know little about the historical development of female entrepreneurship let alone about the explanations behind it. This project studies the historical evolution of female entrepreneurship between 1900-2020 and the explanations behind it by collecting new comparable time-series evidence on female business-owners and innovators in Europe since 1900.

This research project is funded by NWO (The Dutch Scientific Council grant number VI.Veni.211F.004) and runs between 2022-2027.

The website will regularly share updates about upcoming events and news about the project such as public talks, conferences.